Two weeks have gone by since the official release of My Invisible Father. It’s been a crazy fifteen days. And not a negative crazy. I had the pleasure of having two local newspaper articles written about the book and three national radio and podcast interviews. In July, I’m looking forward to more opportunities to promote the book both locally and nationally, knowing that this story needs to be in the hands of many readers, young and old alike. 

I will say this is making me a little uncomfortable. I still insist I am a self-proclaimed introvert and any attention given to me makes me somewhat uneasy. But I have realized, even as a young child, that when the spotlight shines on me, I have to step out of myself, step up to the plate, and deliver. 

Growing up playing baseball, I fielded three positions: first base, shortstop, and catcher. Anyone who knows anything about our national pastime knows other than the pitcher, those are probably the most highlighted positions. First basemen are involved in almost every play, the catcher is pretty much involved in every play, and shortstops (along with centerfielders) are usually the most athletic players on the baseball field. When I played football, I played quarterback, which is by far the most recognizable position in the sport, and in basketball, I played point guard and usually brought the ball up the court on every possession with all eyes on me.

So much for being an introvert.

And in my professional life? As a youth minister, I stood in front of thirty to fifty teenagers weekly, talking to them about making good life choices and doing the right thing, and on a number of occasions found myself preaching in front of five hundred plus teens and adults. As a teacher for the past fourteen years, I have stood before class after class of students… again in the spotlight.

And now as a writer, being in the spotlight definitely comes with the territory. It’s not just writing some chapters and then hiding out in my house hoping everybody reads the book. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to schedule my first speaking event and book signing in September at The Novel Neighbor in Webster Groves (details forthcoming) and as excited as I am about that opportunity, I already know I’m going to sweat profusely being the center of attention. But I’m looking forward to it and hopefully more opportunities in the future.

I view marketing as a necessary evil. As much as I don’t like to put myself out there, pump myself up, tell others how great this book is, I know it has to happen if people are going to purchase the book. I know word-of-mouth is essential too. So I implore those who have read the book to get the word out as well. I ask for readers to genuinely rate and review the book on Goodreads and Amazon (please don’t feel pressured to give a five-star rating). I ask you to suggest a purchase at local libraries. In the fall, send notes or emails to your childrens’ middle and high school English teachers and librarians. All of this would greatly benefit me and my charge to get this book into the hands of many readers. I will appreciate anything you can do. Even if it results in thousands of sales and dozens of speaking events, I would be willing to put my introverted self in those spotlight moments. After all, it comes with the territory.

Just in case you didn’t see these before, I’m adding links to the newspaper articles and one podcast that has aired. Also included are links to local libraries in order to suggest a purchase with the pertinent information you will need. Thanks! Hope you enjoy and have a tremendous rest of your summer!

St. Louis American newspaper article

Webster-Kirkwood Times newspaper article

The OG Inspiration Podcast

Title: My Invisible Father

Author: Jaer Armstead-Jones

ISBN: 978-1098377007

Publication Date: July 16th, 2021

Local Libraries

Suggest a Purchase – St. Louis Public Library (need an SLPL card)

Suggest a Purchase – St. Louis County Library

Suggest a Purchase – Webster Groves Public Library

Suggest a Purchase – St. Charles City-County Library