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Jayrin never knew his father. Kamree’s father is in prison. And Aceson’s father is as good as gone, for all the attention and affection he spares his son. For these St. Louis teens, the hurdles of adolescence grow higher and harder to conquer by their fathers’ absences. Their separate stories intertwine in touching, surprising ways that lead to tragedy, awakening, and the possibility of redemption.


“I can understand why Jaer Armstead-Jones was so dedicated to this novel. It’s a striking story with a lot of potential to inspire both young adult readers and a general audience. There are harrowing moments, awkward scenes, imperfect conversations, which make the novel feel altogether real and gritty. In many ways, it felt there was no stone left unturned at the plot level here. It is, after all, a solid cultural story from many perspectives.”

~Judge, 9th Annual Writer’s DigestSelf-Published E-Book Awards






Our Vision

To create books and music that stimulate the eyes, ears, and minds of readers and hearers, so that diligent and reluctant readers of all ages can engage in enrapturing Masterpieces communicating savory and wholesome words relevant for generations to come.

Our Mission

Jaer Media Group combines the arts of literature and music to produce works that are harmonious and achieve a common venture of projects. We commit to publishing stories and music that touch the core of society with uplifting, anecdotal narratives, real-life tragedies, and realistic results. We commit to captivate audiences and implore them to make sound and conscious judgments that help lead to positive decisions which cultivate healthy and whole communities where all can live fulfilling and purposeful lives.