In this season of Thanksgiving, we are reminded of the power of a single word: thankful. It’s a word that carries immense weight, and it shouldn’t be reserved for the fourth Thursday in November alone. Being thankful is something we should embrace throughout the entire year.

Thankfulness can encompass a range of emotions, from relief and pleasure to a heartfelt display of gratitude. If we limit our expressions of thankfulness to just one day a year, we miss out on essential elements that sustain us throughout our lives.

Gratitude is our way of acknowledging the positive aspects of our existence, those that bring smiles, laughter, hope, and even valuable lessons. Even when life doesn’t unfold perfectly, we can be grateful for the opportunity to learn from our setbacks. We should transform every loss into a lesson. This ability to bounce back and try again, and to do so even better, is indeed something to be thankful for.

Yet, it’s important to acknowledge that some mistakes can be irrevocable, either physically or spiritually. We don’t always get a second chance. This reality makes it even more vital to appreciate those second chances when they come our way, to be thankful for the initial opportunities, and to cherish all the goodness that graces our lives.

As you sit down this Thanksgiving to reflect on the year gone by and to consider the things you’re thankful for, remember to include the seemingly insignificant details. While we are naturally grateful for our families, our health, and our livelihoods, it’s easy to overlook the smaller elements that, when combined, contribute significantly to our well-being.

Consider the air we breathe, the water that sustains us, the warmth of the sun’s rays, and even the mundane dirt beneath our feet. How often do we pause to say, “I am so thankful for the soil”? Yet, these everyday elements are indispensable necessities, life-giving components that ensure our survival. We have countless reasons to awaken each day with gratitude for the small but vital things that support us on our journey and, of course, for the significant blessings we encounter.

So, this Thanksgiving, as you count your blessings, remember to include not just the prominent chapters but also the smaller, often unnoticed paragraphs of your story. In doing so, you’ll find that thankfulness isn’t limited to one day of the year; it’s a year-round celebration of the grand and humble elements that make life truly remarkable.