My favorite season by far is spring. The end of snow, freezing rain, frigid weather, and chilly morning car rides produces smiles from me, and the transition to fairer weather makes March 20th one of my favorite days of the year. Of course, other dates like my wife’s birthday, our anniversary, my kids’ birthdays, and a few other dates trump the first day of spring, but the first day of spring is right up there.

March is the month of Daylight Savings Time when we ‌gain more light and spring forward into the final three-fourths of the year. We need the additional light for several reasons. One of the most important reasons has to do with energy use. The more daylight hours there are, the less artificial light is needed, thus saving energy.

I have been uber busy over the past several months, although not as active as last summer when my book was first released. And it’s only going to get busier as the spring comes and turns into summer. A few author events are in the plans, which will involve some traveling and speaking to different audiences. I will need bursts of energy to keep up with the travel and work demand, but I have excited energy heading into spring.

There are benefits to natural light. I don’t turn on the ceiling lights in my classroom. I rely on natural sunlight from the windows, and a couple of small lamps are what. I believe the natural lights act as a calming agent. Natural light also helps thwart seasonal depression, reduces some health risks, and helps improve sleep.

Good sleep improves energy, and good energy helps improve the effectiveness of a busy schedule. So spring is not just my favorite season because of the weather, but it brings elements that help me in my everyday life. So rain or shine, I wake up during the spring season with a pep in my step and the energy to face all that life throws at me, even when that life is what I could bring to myself with the work I do.