It’s the last month of school, and it’s been quite a year. It was the first full year of in-person learning since the start of the 2020 pandemic. Covid snatched away many things and, even worse, many people. It’s taken us to a level of fear, frustration, and a division of opinions in schools, churches, and the political landscape that I’ve never seen before.

The things I saw and heard over the past couple of years weakened my faith in humanity and in the Church. It had me shaking my head with so much hypocrisy and just plain meanness. I thought these were just bumps in the road—a build-up of the frustrations. But I wonder if what I saw and heard was really how people are and not merely bumps in the road.

Bumps in the road come in different forms: potholes, speed bumps, roadkill, all things that make you slow down, swerve, or veer. Otherwise, your vehicle could get damaged if you run over these obstacles full speed ahead. Wheels could be bent. Axles could be twisted. So treading lightly is sometimes the best method to get out of the situation damage-free.

My own frustration got to a level that it had never been before. After the winter break, I got to a breaking point when we went back to school. It was tough, as many students were out due to Covid-related issues. Many teachers were out as well due to all the holiday cheer. Preparing lessons and trying to navigate students who were at home viewing live classes on Zoom was an incredible headache. It was so difficult. I felt like breaking down and crying. I even contemplated retirement (really, but not really).

But as things slowed down, I could take a detour and find my way without quitting the job I love. And before I knew it, May 1st came around. And just like that, I made it to another location (the end of another school year) without giving up or giving in. It shows that we can make it if we keep moving. Even if we have to slow down or even stop for a while, we can always get back in the driver’s seat and make it to our ultimate destination with little to no damage.