And the end has come again. The end of another year. Another year of the Covid pandemic. Another year of unrest. Another year of the life we’ve learned to live. 

Things have changed in so many ways since March 2020. How we buy items has changed. The availability of items we purchase has diminished. All areas of life were altered. But one thing that has not changed is the rotation and revolution of the Earth.

The Earth rotates around its axis roughly every twenty-four hours: one full day.

The movement of the Earth around the sun is the Earth’s revolution, and it takes approximately three hundred and sixty-five days: one entire year.

The end of one thing can be the beginning of another. Fresh. New. Invigorating. Does the beginning of a new year make you feel strong, healthy, and full of energy? Or is it just a massive relief that the year is finally over?

I believe the new year’s dawning is a time to reset while still moving forward. It’s also a time to:

  • Review your life and life decisions from the previous year
  • Renew the covenants that you’ve made with others and yourself
  • Re-up your financial freedom by getting on and staying on track with wise financial decisions
  • Revive everything good that has died or needs resuscitation
  • Revolve by turning in the right direction to move in the right way
  • Resolve by finding solutions to every problem and potential problem that may hinder your growth

During New Year’s Resolutions, one resolves that one thing that eluded them the previous year and fixes a problem you want to turn into a victory. 

The beginning of the year is a time to revolve, to turn from that thing that hindered you and to fix it. Ironically, a revolution also means to overthrow a social order. What social order hindered your 2021? Is it something you can turn from? Is it something that can be fixed? 

There seems like a lot of things that occurred in 2021 can’t be fixed. However, if we commit to review, renew, re-up, revive, revolve, and resolve in 2022, it might surprise us that we can fix more than we thought we could.

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